I-35 at Riverside Drive, TxDOT


NLA was the public involvement lead for the Environmental Assessment on the I-35 at Riverside project for TxDOT. This project looked at potential improvements to I-35 that improved safety and mobility for all traffic, including bicycles, pedestrians, and transit; improved traffic flow during peak hours; improved sight distance on the mainlanes south of Riverside Drive; and improved intersection operations.


NLA responsibilities included:


  • Project Contact Database creation and maintenance
  • Meetings with Affected Property Owners
    • Logistical coordination
    • Staffing
    • Meeting notes
    • Summary report for all meetings conducted with property owners
  • Public Meeting and Public Hearing coordination
    • Venue contracting
    • Layout preparation
    • Advertisements (display ads, legal notices)
    • Notifications (letters to affected property owners and to elected officials, flyers to adjacent property owners, social media posts, e-blasts, etc.)
    • Media advisories/news releases
    • Security and translator contracting
    • Sign-in sheets
    • Handout preparation
    • Exhibit/display board preparation and printing
    • PowerPoint Presentation creation
    • Event staffing
    • Comment inventories
    • Public Meeting and Public Hearing Summary Reports (including comment responses)
  • Public Involvement Tools
    • Project fact sheet
    • Frequently Asked Questions
    • Web-based material creation and production


For more information on this project, please go here.

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