I-35 Capital Area Improvement Program (Mobility35) GEC — Williamson, Travis and Hays Counties, TxDOT


NLA is the public involvement lead on the I-35 General Engineering Consultant (GEC) team for the TxDOT Austin District, providing support for I-35 corridor program development within Williamson, Travis, and Hays counties. NLA’s GEC responsibilities include preparing overarching public involvement materials for the three-county program, as well as providing public involvement oversight of individual projects along the corridor:


  • Mobility35 Public Involvement Plan development and updates
  • Development and updates of public involvement materials templates (for use on all projects implemented as part of the Mobility35 program)
  • Comprehensive Mobility35 mailing list creation and maintenance
  • Mobility35 newsletter preparation and distribution
  • Project-specific email blast formatting, distribution and documentation
  • Mobility35 team public involvement calendar creation and maintenance
  • Stakeholder outreach meetings
    • Identifying and communicating with targeted stakeholders
    • Logistical coordination
    • Creating and distributing Mobility35 calendar invitations
    • Staffing
    • Meeting notes and documentation
  • Stakeholder Working Group Meetings (including the Downtown Stakeholder Working Group and “Decks” working sessions)
    • Identifying and communicating with targeted stakeholders
    • Reviewing and providing comments on meeting agendas and materials
    • Staffing and small group facilitation
    • Documentation
    • Summary report preparation
  • Open House planning and implementation for the I-35 Travis County Implementation Plan:
    • Venue identification, scheduling and contracting for six meetings
    • Layout preparation
    • Notifications (English and Spanish flyers, news releases, website announcements, social media posts, e-blasts, etc.)
    • Court reporter and translator contracting
    • Preparation of handouts, exhibits, sign-in sheets, and directional signs
    • Preparation of both live and online presentations and scripts
    • Development and QA/QC of online virtual Open Houses
    • Event staffing
    • Comment inventories
    • Open House Summary Report (including comment responses)
  • Planning and implementation of Mobility35 informational tables and kiosks at community venue events in the three-county area
  • Mobility35 public comment processing, response development and documentation
  • Public involvement support and oversight (including staffing public/stakeholder meetings and providing comments on public involvement deliverables) for individual projects developed as part of the Mobility35 program. These projects include, but are not limited to:


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