Statewide I-35 Corridor Planning, TxDOT

(August 2003 – December 2012)


NLA served as the public involvement lead for the General Engineering Consultant team responsible for various statewide I-35 corridor planning and environmental study efforts. These efforts included the following:


  • My35 Plan, Oklahoma to Mexico (April 2010 – December 2012). This process received a federal public involvement award, and continues to provide a long-term vision for the I-35 corridor throughout Texas. NLA’s responsibilities included the following:
    • Contact database creation and maintenance
    • Assistance in the development of the My35 planning process
    • Assistance with the identification of I-35 Segment Committee members (four segments)
    • Preparation of project exhibits, handouts, website content, online survey, presentations and correspondence with stakeholders
    • Planning and implementation of I-35 Corridor Segment Committee and I-35 Corridor Advisory Committee meetings
      • Logistical coordination
      • Preparation of handouts, exhibits, presentations and sign-in sheets
      • Staffing
      • Project prioritization online survey
      • Documentation
      • Analysis and incorporation of input into the decision-making process and public materials preparation
    • Coordination with committee members, facilitators, and various TxDOT divisions and districts
    • My35 public planning workshop planning and implementation (20 total)
      • Venue identification, scheduling and contracting
      • Development and presentation of technical staff training materials
      • Layout preparation
      • Advertisements (English and Spanish display ads, legal notices)
      • Notifications (Flyers, letters/emails to elected and agency officials, and e-blasts to general mailing list)
      • Security, court reporter and translator contracting
      • Preparation of handouts, exhibits, sign-in sheets and signage
      • Event staffing
      • Coordination of survey response collection
      • Summary reports/comment response reports
      • Assistance in the preparation and update of four I-35 Segment Committee Reports and I-35 Corridor Advisory Committee My35 Plan

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