Texas Freight Mobility Plan Update and Implementation, TxDOT


NLA has led public involvement for the Texas Freight Mobility Plan (TFMP) since 2013. The initial TFMP was completed in 2016 and included extensive stakeholder involvement; NLA is currently leading the effort to update and implement the plan. The updated TFMP (2017) allows TxDOT to refresh data sources, add critical elements, and comply with new federal legislation. The TFMP (2017) has been developed to meet the requirements of the current federal transportation act, the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act. NLA planned, staffed and documented two rounds of stakeholder workshops across the state (11 workshops each round) during the update process.


NLA responsibilities include:


  • Development and maintenance of the Stakeholder Engagement Plan
  • Development and maintenance of the statewide stakeholder list by region
  • Workshop logistics (for each of the 22 workshops)
    • Facility contracting
    • Development and delivery of email invitations
    • Reminder emails and personal phone calls
    • Weekly registration status reports
    • Weekly outreach status reports
    • Staffing
  • Workshop materials
    • Exhibits
    • Information handouts
    • Sign-in sheets
    • Directional signs
  • Summary reports for each workshop
  • Survey analyzing and reporting
  • Attendance and summary meeting notes for  the Texas Freight Advisory Committee monthly meetings




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