Texas Freight Mobility Plan, TxDOT

(February 2013 – July 2015)


The Texas Freight Mobility Plan was the first statewide freight plan undertaken by TxDOT. In order to develop a plan responsive to diverse regional needs, the project team solicited input from public agencies, freight providers of all types, trucking, railroads, ports/airports, the energy sector, the business community, and the environmental community, among others. NLA led an extensive stakeholder involvement process including maintaining freight contacts throughout Texas, organizing two rounds of freight “listening sessions” in 12 locations across the state, and assisting with regular Freight Advisory Committee meetings and the first-ever Freight Leadership Summit, held in 2014.


Public Involvement responsibilities included:


  • Project Contact Database creation and maintenance
  • “Listening Sessions” (23 statewide)
    • Logistical coordination
    • Layout preparation
    • Notifications (postcards, e-blasts, etc.)
    • Online registration
    • Event staffing
    • Minutes
    • Comment inventories
  • Public Involvement Tools
    • Web-based material creation and production
  • Freight Leadership Summit
    • Logistical coordination
    • Notifications
    • Staffing
    • Minutes
  • Freight Advisory Committee Meetings
    • Staffing
    • Minutes
  • Summary reporting and comment response reporting


For more information on this project, please go here.

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