Texas Statewide Rail Plan, TxDOT


The Texas Statewide Rail Plan, originally approved in 2010, provides overall goals for rail service; details rail’s contribution to the state; and lays out a long-range rail investment program in freight and passenger infrastructure. Stakeholder input is vital to developing a wide-ranging plan incorporating diverse interests, and the involvement process will bring together government agencies; railroads of all classes; freight rail customers and suppliers; rural rail transportation districts and other rail agencies; public transportation providers; and the general public. NLA leads public involvement efforts to update the Texas Rail Plan using surveys and other online engagement tools to reach rail stakeholders throughout Texas.


NLA responsibilities include:


  • Project Contact Database creation and maintenance
  • Public Involvement Tools
    • Email communication
    • Surveys and other online engagement tools
    • Web-based material creation and production
  • Summary reporting



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