Trans-Texas Corridor TTC-35 – Oklahoma to Mexico/Gulf Coast, TxDOT
(March 2004 – August 2010)

This project involved development of a Tier One Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for a proposed new location facility, parallel to I-35, which would include toll roads, rail and utilities.  The “No Build” alternative was selected in 2010 after extensive public and legislative input was considered. 

NLA’s responsibilities included the following:  

  • Contact database creation and maintenance (over 35,000 stakeholders)
  • Comment/correspondence database creation and maintenance
  • Website materials preparation, maintenance and documentation
  • Open House and Public Hearing planning and implementation (117 Open Houses/54 Public Hearings throughout the state)
    • Venue identification, scheduling and contracting
    • Development of staff training and resource notebooks
    • Preparation and implementation of staff training sessions
    • Acquisition and testing of Public Hearing audio/visual equipment
    • Layout preparation and coordination with facilities
    • Advertisements (English and Spanish display ads, legal notices, Federal and State Register notices)
    • Media kits (including media advisories and handouts)
    • Notifications (Flyers, letters/emails to elected and agency officials, and e-blasts/postcards to mailing list)
    • Security, court reporter and translator contracting
    • Preparation of handouts, surveys, exhibits, sign-in sheets, speaker cards, and signage
    • Assistance with preparation of informational videos
    • Preparation of Public Hearing presentation and script
    • Event staffing and photo documentation
    • Open House and Public Hearing Summary Reports (including comment responses)
  • Creation and monitoring of toll-free hotline
  • Agency coordination meetings
  • Assistance in the preparation, QA/QC, and distribution of the Draft EIS, including hard copy and online versions
  • Assistance in the preparation, QA/QC, and distribution of the Final EIS, including hard copy and online versions
  • Preparation of administrative record and related user guide for in-person access
  • Review and comment on the draft public involvement and communications plan sections of related facility agreements


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