US 59 Upgrade to I-69 from Bus 59

(South of El Campo) to SH 71 Project, TxDOT

(March 2014 – August 2015)


NLA was the public involvement lead on the Environmental Assessment for US 59 Upgrade to I-69 from Bus 59 (South of El Campo) to SH 71 Project for TxDOT. A Finding of No Significant Impact was issued in June 2015, clearing the project area for design and construction to bring US 59 South of El Campo up to Interstate standards and be designated as a part of the I-69 System in Texas.


NLA responsibilities included:


  • Project Contact Database creation and maintenance
  • Public Meeting logistics
    • Venue contracting
    • Layout preparation
    • Advertisements (display ads, legal notices)
    • Notifications (letters to affected property owners, letters to elected and public officials, postcards, social media posts, e-blasts, etc.)
    • Security and translator contracting
    • Handout preparation
    • Exhibit/display board preparation and printing
    • PowerPoint Presentation
    • Event staffing
    • Comment inventories
  • Public Involvement Tools
    • Project fact sheet
    • Frequently Asked Questions
    • Web-based material creation and production
  • Summary reporting and comment response report
  • Notice of Opportunity for Public Hearing coordination
  • Public Involvement portions of the Environmental Assessment


For more information on this project, please go here.

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