What We Do


NLA develops and manages public involvement programs to solve problems and lead to successful project implementation.


Our Team — made up of transportation and environmental planners, public outreach specialists, marketing specialists, and communicators with over 250 years of combined experience — informs and engages the public through the public involvement process that is responsive, responsible and effective.


Certified in the Systematic Development of Informed Consent by the Institute for Participatory Management and Planning, and skilled in traditional public information/outreach tools, we are expertly prepared to:


  • Plan and perform public involvement activities
  • Navigate and support the NEPA process
  • Plan and conduct Open Houses, workshops, community events, Meetings with Affected Property Owners (MAPOs), advisory committees, stakeholder meetings and Public Hearings
  • Facilitate, document and track public engagement
  • Develop and maintain a comprehensive database of project stakeholders
  • Coordinate and conduct stakeholder interviews
  • Perform graphic design services
  • Develop and deliver key messages to targeted audiences
  • Provide media relations training and support
  • Maximize social media to encourage public involvement
  • Develop outreach materials and multimedia presentations
  • Document Control activities including the use of advanced software systems


With many combined years of experience, along with our tracking and review tools, NLA will enhance every aspect of a public involvement service program.


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